The Perfect Snowy Day In Stockholm

by Rebecca
Stockholm in the snow

I thought it was impossible to love Stockholm anymore than I already did… and then it snowed! I first visited Stockholm for a weekend back in October and fell head over heels for the alluring charms of the Swedish capital. This time it was January and it was cold! The festive feel of Christmas clung to the city, desperate not to part ways just yet. Christmas trees and lights adorned buildings old and new and a parade of giant light-up reindeer stood proud and tall, lighting up even the darkest of nordic nights.

I hadn’t seen snow in 2years and was quietly keeping my fingers crossed that during my weeklong visit, Stockholm would get a dusting of snow. As white flakes lightly fell from the sky the wishful dusting I’d been hoping for turned out to be more of a light blizzard. When I woke up the next morning to a thick, fluffy blanket of white I squealed in excitement to the amusement of my Swedish host, who is basically immune, if not fed up, of seeing the white stuff. “It’s annoying and slippery and makes getting to work more frustrating” was his general Swedish consensus. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get outside and make the most of the Scandinavian winter wonderland. Here’s my guide to the perfect day in a snowy Stockholm.

A Snowy Walk

Well, obviously you have to get out in the snow to enjoy it! at least for a little while anyway. I decided to explore the streets of Gamla Stan as I was dying to know what the picturesque old buildings would look like covered in a blanket of snow. The reward for braving the cold was a medieval winterscape. The cobbled pavements were slippery and some streets were taped off as maintenance men in high-vis jackets climbed up roofs to knock down flurries of powdery snow. I watched from the other side of the tape as it fell to the ground like a mini avalanche and shuddered at the thought of it sliding down your back. Brrrr chilly.


A Warming ‘fika’

What better way is there to warm up than grabbing Fika? There are so many cafes to choose from so go for whatever takes your fancy. A quirky little coffee shop with inspiring interiors? a funky chain with an amazing variety of cheesecake? Or even a restaurant offering great desserts and coffee? It’s all here, take your pick. I think I was drinking at least 2/3 coffees a day in Stockholm and one of my favourites became the Salted Caramel Latte from Espresso House. I have a killer sweet tooth and they even offer a double shot so you can have your coffee as strong as you like. Bingo!



Jumper Shopping

Jumpers are the best thing since sliced bread. Especially in the nordic winters that can easily chill you to the core. Thankfully a good jumper (or five) will work wonders in keeping you snug, the perfect excuse to go shopping for some new knitwear to add to your collection. I visited the very chic department store Åhléns which gives you a taste of the creative, modern and simplistic style Sweden has become known for. You can also feel extra smug and grab a Fika whilst there too.


Meatballs With A View

With the chilling winter weather comes the need for warming home-cooked food, and in Sweden, nothing quite beats the traditional Swedish meatballs. My favourite spot to sit and eat on a snowy day in Stockholm has to be Sjöcafeet. Located just as you walk along the bridge onto island Djurgården, Sjöcafeet offers fantastic views across the water which is only made better by a thick blanket of snow. Its location is also perfect for a day exploring museums as many are within a short walking distance including the Nordic Museum, The Vasa Museum, The Abba Museum and Skansen. Not only are the views spectacular but between 11am-2pm Monday to Friday they serve a great lunch menu which includes a main, salad, drink and coffee from 105 kr.


Admire The Twinkly Lights

Twinkly lights and snow to me are the perfect winter wonderland combo. At the end of your snowy day in Stockholm wait until it gets dark and the streets will come to life with glistening lights. The city centre park of Kungsträdgården is a particularly lovely spot as the outdoor winter ice-skating rink is adorned in a canopy of fairy lights.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to the perfect snowy day in Stockholm. I would love to hear your thoughts below so don’t forget to comment. Have you been to Stockholm in the snow? What did you get up to? What other cities are great to visit in the snow?

Love, Rebecca


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Elaine Frogley 25/01/2017 - 11:03 pm

This was a great read Becky! Thanks for sharing it with us. X Elaine


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