Nature In Naivasha Part One – Lake Oloiden Camp Site

by Rebecca

Naivasha has become a popular tourist destination in Kenya. The reason why is very simple, Naivashia is home to some of the most stunning and incredible natural environments and wildlife in Kenya. So stunning in fact The Lion King was actually set in Hell’s Gate national park – a fact I only found out whilst researching this post and not whilst I was actually there. So when visiting Naivasha, how do you choose where to stay? You are spoilt for choice with the amount of lodges and campsites in the area, but for me there was one place that surpassed them all – Lake Oloiden Campsite.

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Lake Oloiden Campsite is a slice of green paradise slap bang on the banks of a lake. Waking up in the morning to stunning sunrises over the water is just one reason why this campsite is fantastic. You have the ability to hire tents of all different sizes and have them ready and waiting for when you arrive; saving you the hard work and giving you even more time to admire that view. Spend the evenings huddled around the campfire, listening to music and making friends with the other friendly guests. Whilst there, we ended up randomly partying with a Kenyan popstar named Chantelle, that was certainly an experience. There are some inhabitants of the campsite however that aren’t as friendly. Beware the boisterous monkeys loitering around taking every opportunity they can to steal your breakfast, or worse, your shoes.

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Not only can you self-cater at the campsite, great for your budget, but they also have a wood fired stove and a whole menu of pizza! So after you’ve eaten your pizza and fought off the monkeys, what is there to do I hear you ask? Well one thing I definitely recommend doing is a hippo and bird spotting boat ride over the lake.

The lake is filled to the brim with hippos. They are everywhere! I hadn’t seen that many hippos since playing the board game hungry hungry hippos, and I was particularly grateful these hippos weren’t also plastic ones. Speeding across the lake surrounded by wildlife, and yet more stunning views, gives you a sense of being at one with nature. You forget about your phone and the troubles of life and focus instead on what’s in front of you, the electric fence to keep the hippos away from trampling you in your sleep. As well as the boat ride there is also a Nature walk at Wileli Conservancy & a visit to Maasai Boma that can be booked through the campsite.

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If opulence is more your thing a 10-minute walk up the road brings you to Kongoni lodge. The lodge is partnered with the campsite meaning you can swim in its beautiful pool for 300ksh. The lodge has a great menu, alcoholic beverages and even ice-cream sundaes. This was the most luxurious place we had been to during our time in Kenya, but more importantly, was a fantastic place to recharge your batteries and have a swim in a quiet and serene setting.

So now you’ve found somewhere to stay in Naivasha how about exploring the area? Below you can watch a short video I made including the campsite and the hippo and bird spotting boat ride. The video also features Hell’s Gate National Park. Keep your eyes peeled as the second post of this mini-series will be all about exploring Hell’s Gate.

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I hope you feel inspired to get back to nature, whether that is in Kenya or in your own back garden. What’s the best campsite you’ve ever stayed in been? Leave me a comment below; I would love to find out.

Thanks for Reading,

Rebecca Rayner

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