2018, Travel And Me

by Rebecca

Let me just start this post by saying how the hell are we pretty much halfway through 2018! How quickly has this year flown by?

I feel like I should kind of apologise for my terrible lack of posting recently. Would you believe I have a massive notebook full of ideas to write about that I really should get around to doing? A terrible excuse I know.

So after last year’s crazy globetrotting adventures, and my eventual homecoming in October, I decided that my focus for this year would be my work life.

I was turning 24 and had a dream job I was dying to pursue and really make some progress in. I obviously wanted to keep on travelling. After all, I had the most amazing year swimming in the clear blue oceans of Mexico and cycling amongst Zebra in Kenya, but after much contemplation, I decided in 2018 travel would have to take the back seat for a while.

Who wouldn’t wish they were back on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico?

This was a hard choice for me to make. Travelling truly ignites my soul and brings out my very best qualities. Each time I get on a plane and end up in a new destination, not only do I discover cultures and places, but I also discover another little hidden part of me that was locked away, waiting to be found.

I also get this thing that I have hilariously named ‘trapped bird syndrome’. I need to live a life where I feel I have the possibility of adventure and freedom. If I start to feel trapped and suffocated, like a bird in a cage, I bolt at the first chance I get.

A quote that you’ll likely hear me spew out at one point or another is: “I don’t want to live the same exact year 70 times and call it a life.”

I was worried If I really started to make waves in my career, I would get far too invested in it and therefore settle for a life of stability. That works for some people. For me, it doesn’t.

However, I realised that does not have to be the case. What stops me from making my own rules and creating the kind of career I want, not what society expects?

So time for a proper job it was. Do I regret this decision halfway through my career-focused year? HELL NO!
I have always wanted to be a journalist, ever since I was a little kid pretending to broadcast live from war zones across the globe. What I realised was, If I put the hard graft in now, remain settled for a little while and really work on my craft, I could later integrate travel into my career and combine my two loves together and basically live MY dream.

So this year I started working at a local newspaper, studying for my NCTJ qualification, got back into freelancing for national papers and volunteered at a journalism festival in Italy. And guess what? My career is flying!

Learning shorthand to pass my NCTJ exams

All the volunteers at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

I’ve had front-page stories, interviewed incredible people, been so inspired and my skills have dramatically improved. My focus, passion, hard work and foresight are paying off. Does that mean I’m not travelling anymore? Ha, are you kidding? Try and stop me!
I’ve been to Italy twice so far this year, and oh what a transformative experience it was. I really cannot wait to write about it and share it with you all. I have to say my second trip came at just the right time, revitalising a part of me I thought was forever lost.

I’ve also got some more super exciting travel plans to look forward to this year.
I’m attending my first ever TBEX in Ostrava, Czech Republic this July. I cannot wait to meet my fellow travel bloggers and learn how to make Rayner En Route the best it can be. I will also be taking some time to travel around Europe to explore Poland, Hungary and Serbia, to name just a few.

So that’s what I’ve been up to and really what this post is, is a promise that I will get my blogging mojo back. I have so many stories, tips and insights to share with all my fellow travellers out there. For the meantime, if you have any questions or just want to say hey, please contact me either in the comments or on social media. Would be lovely to hear from you guys.
Do keep an eye out because plenty of new posts will be coming your way soon.
Until then, keep living the dream. Whatever that dream may be.

Love, Rebecca Rayner


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